Plant Mail Recovery Tips: Plant Received, Now What?

Plant Mail Recovery Tips Plant Received, Now What? This is by no means meant to be a definitive guide; this is a work in progress. I have not found much information online about the best practices upon receiving a new plant baby so I figured I'd better share what I know, based on my personal experiences. We will explore several topics, but the main focus will be best practices for care upon arrival of your new friend(s). If you have any specific tips/tricks that you swear by, I would love to hear about them! For the good of all plants everywhere, let's share the love! In this post, I will tell you: -What I have tried -What I have learned -What I plan to do next time.  Let's start with some simple facts: Sending a plant via the postal system is a rather stressful ordeal. HOW much stress the plant experiences is dependent upon several factors, including: -Health of the plant before shipment -Length of the journey (duration, not dista

You Are Part of Creation

You Are A Blessed Part of Creation All of the problems that exist in today's world have arisen out of one singular cause:  we have the wrong idea about who we really are. Modern science tells us that everything is energy, and the yogis all agree. Underneath all appearances we find energy masquerading as physical material. We also find this energy within ourselves during meditation. As we learn to see ourselves as beings of energy, we can more fully manifest our true potential. By connecting more deeply with our own life force, we begin to feel the interconnectedness of all things. This includes everything that exists. Existence is proof of life. Even rocks and buildings must contain a certain amount of life energy if they are to exist at all. They may have a different level of consciousness than we do, but they are still made of the exact same material. There is only one substance that exists! We can call this substance many things: God, Life, Source,

How Does Meditation Work?

How Does Meditation Work? In meditation, our goal is to gather up all of our resources and focus them towards the activation of a higher level of potential within ourselves. The practice of meditation is meant to move us to ever-higher levels of consciousness. There is an eternal stream of Life, flowing through everything that exists. It transforms into everything imaginable, and yet it's underlying essence remains unchanged. This is the source of all life, growth, healing, and transformation. It is this stream which carries us to the heights of meditation. Unfortunately, many people get too caught up in effort during meditation. We often try to make something happen: we make an effort to receive, we visualize intensely, and we pray with all of our might. We believe there is something that we must DO in order to connect more deeply with the source of life within us. We think that conditions must be met, requirements must be fulfilled, and everything needs to be

The Yogic View of Evolution: Introduction to the Yuga Cycle

The Yogic View of Evolution Introduction to the Yuga Cycle Most people see evolution as a gradual movement upwards; a continual climb towards higher potential. We know that in many ways our lives are better than our ancestors, and we assume that their lives were better than those that came before them. But what if we are not currently at the peak of what has been achieved in the history of humanity? According to the ancient yogis, evolution is not a linear process; it is cyclical. They described evolution as a cycle that moves from absolute knowing and enlightenment, to total darkness and illusion, and then back again. We are constantly moving from light to dark and dark to light, and one complete revolution is called a "Yuga Cycle".  This teaching can get very deep but I just want to introduce the topic here so that you may better understand where we are as a collective. The world can begin to look very different from this perspective. An understanding of t

Shoulder Workout for Rock Climbers

Shoulder Workout for Rock Climbers Today I will be sharing my go-to shoulder workout with you. I have experimented with many shoulder exercises over the past ten years and this workout is by far my favorite. At the end of the day, I want a workout that is quick, effective, and requires minimal equipment or setup. The reason that I actually do this workout is that it takes less than ten minutes and the only piece of equipment you will need is a resistance band.  Shoulder health is a necessity for rock climbers. This workout will help to make you stronger and healthier by addressing the imbalances created by climbing. As your shoulder health improves, there will be a positive effect on your posture. Improved posture leads to more efficient breathing, and if you can improve your breathing, your entire body will begin to function more effectively. Sounds great, right?! The workout itself consists of 4 movements that we will do as follows: Left arm - 5 reps then h

DIY Coffee Roaster for $15 or Less!

DIY Coffee Roaster Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a great coffee roaster that you can use at home. It's super quick, easy, inexpensive, and effective! Does it get any better than that?! If you prefer to watch this in video form... DIY Home Coffee Roaster For $15 or Less! I was able to put this all together for less than $15 and the total assembly time was about 2 minutes. Seriously, it's REALLY easy! Even if it takes you 5 minutes, that's still super fast! Materials needed for the roaster: 2 identical stainless steel mesh strainers with pot rests (1 quart / 8" size HIGHLY recommended) 2 small hose clamps That's it! For the roasting process: Heat source - flames work best! (I use my trusted Coleman Camp Stove) A large strainer or tray for cooling the beans Make sure that your strainers have hooks on the end (pot rests) that are designed to let the st

A New Understanding

In my life-long quest to unleash my Unlimited Self, I have applied an ever-evolving array of techniques and ideas, practices and philosophies, and recently I came unto a great realization: Effort is counter-productive. Now, what does this mean? Does this mean that we should not practice yoga? Is meditation a waste of time? No, no, no, of course not. These practices have worked for thousands of years, and continue to prove valuable today. What I've realized is simply that the soul exists in a permanent state of effortlessness, or stillness, and until we have learned to bring ourselves into stillness, the light of the soul cannot shine through us. My experience of stillness has deepened immensely recently, and I will describe it here. Our existence has many, many layers, and each successive layer can only be perceived from a deeper level of relaxation. True stillness exists within us at all times, but we do not experience it because we always have something "goin